Trigger It Personal Training is about personal, semi­-private, small group, and goal focused training to help you be the best you can be. Are you willing to accept and enjoy suffering so the work in the gym is not hard? A positive relationship to physical and psychological pain may prevent the most common training mistakes which are working on strengths, rather than addressing weakness and imbalances. In order to get better, stronger and faster, we must be honest and work on what's holding us back. Our focus is on you and your goals. Our job and passion is to push your level of strength and fitness forward more quickly and efficiently than working out on your own. 

How do we do it?

By helping our clients identify and reach their goals. We provide the accountability and motivation necessary to keep our clients on track and progressing forward. We use our expertise to ensure what you are doing is correct to maximize your results. We can and will push you out of your comfort zones and harder than you would or thought you could push yourself. We work on getting you stronger and fitter by reducing the possibility of injury. We know that an injury can slow you down or derail your workout program, and even lead to a loss in momentum and the determination to continue on. Personal training with us is about personalizing your workouts by customizing your programs based on your individual strengths, weaknesses and goals. 

Training in Calgary: 

Personalized one­-on-­one training: one trainer working with one client 

Semi­-private training: one trainer with two or three clients

Small group training: one trainer training a group of four to ten clients 

Personal training starts off with an initial one­-on-­one assessment where we go over goals, training history, injury history, movement quality, and performance tests. From there we build your program and we start the training. We train everyone as athlete’s, regardless of your age or gender because we believe there is an inner athlete in all of us.  

Semi-­private and small group training allows us to train and inspire more people at the same time. For our clients, it drops their price point which makes it more affordable, competitive and fun. When clients start training together, they establish relationships, meet new people and make friends with other like-minded people of similar skills and abilities.


One­-on-­One Personal Training: $90.00 per session

Semi­-Private Training: $130.00 per session (based on doubles)

Small Group Training: Please Contact Us

Distance Programming Training: Please Contact Us

Ready to get started or want to find out more? Contact us for more information and pricing.