A few words from our clients about their experience training with us

“I'm 46 years old, and in the best shape of my life. I take a weekly Pilates class, participate in 2-3 hot yoga classes, four hours of ballroom dance lessons, and train with Cory three times a week. I also try to get down to the local YMCA and do a cardio workout followed by a half hour of dance practice with my wife 2-3 times a week.

At my age, this fitness regime is quite intense. The momentum and intensity for the entire week is set by my training program and workouts at Trigger It Personal Training. Cory has been training people for over 20 years now. He has a special way of increasing the momentum of our workouts, and bringing out the best in his clients. Several days I've shown up and just felt beat down and tired. Within minutes Cory has me excited and pushing myself harder than I could have imagined for that day. The really cool thing is, most days Cory is working out right beside me, pushing himself to better times and more reps every day.

This kind of commitment to personal training is very rare. Cory approaches every client with a different set of goals, and pushes them as hard as he feels safe. Our workouts some days get very intense and tough. I trust this increase in intensity every time because I trust Cory and his techniques. Some days I just don't have it, Cory usually realizes this and finds a way to maximize my workout based on my depleted energy. He is truly an amazing personal trainer.

I would highly recommend Cory to any potential client regardless of their level of fitness. He is a great guy, incredibly fit, and has a great passion for fitness. You literally cannot go wrong with Cory at Trigger It Personal Training. Enjoy your fitness journey.” ­Brad H

"Leads By Example"

"I have had the pleasure of training with Cory as a client and friend over the past 3 years. Cory's professionalism and level of support are second to none. The breadth of his experience guarantees a personalized program which helps you to achieve your goals. Cory's training programs are challenging, fun, balanced, grueling, and most importantly, productive. He leads by example by setting the standard and always striving for personal growth himself. It is without hesitation that I recommend Cory as a trainer for anyone who is committed to getting themselves in the best shape of their life." ­Mike V.


“Cory has been my trainer for over five years. He is the perfect combination of tough and warm and works with the whole person ­ mentally, physically and emotionally. Because of Cory’s efforts I am stronger, healthier and more flexible.

His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work provides the perfect scenario for success and sets the foundation for a new and healthier lifestyle. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Cory can and will lead you every step of the way.” ­Karon W.

“I have been training with Cory for over five years. I had first heard of him through word of mouth and that he had a reputation of being an outstanding trainer. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Throughout the past 5 years, I have enjoyed my time being trained by one of the best. His enthusiastic, friendly, and passionate demeanor makes him stand out from the rest. He takes the time to listen and to get to know you personally so you feel that he genuinely cares. His vast knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body ables him to adapt my individual training sessions to suit my needs. Cory utilizes a variety of fitness equipment to avoid being bored with a repetitive program. He is attentive to proper form and technique, and will modify the exercise immediately to alleviate potential injury.

Cory is a firm believer in being the “best one can be”. This shows his continual effort to be a leader in the industry. He recently, has become a fully certified Gym Jones instructor. His strong commitment to his training philosophy of having a balanced lifestyle, which includes family, nutrition, positive energy and strength, is admirable.

Thank you Cory for sticking with me through my injuries, and believing that I would prevail. Thank you for being an outstanding trainer... and now a great friend!” ­ Veve V.J

“Cory has been my trainer for almost five years now, and my experience with him has been completely empowering and uniformly positive.

When I started training with Cory, I was looking to take my performance to the next level and compete more effectively in Spartan Races and Tough Mudders. Cory was up for the challenge and crafted interesting and difficult training programs that helped me prepare and perform in these races. Cory combined high intensity training in the gym with epic trail runs and hill repeats outside. This training regime allowed me to exceed my expectations at various Spartan Races and at Tough Mudder San Francisco.

More recently, Cory has been instrumental in my recovery from a Grade 2/3 MCL sprain (sprained while surfing, not training). Cory took the time to communicate with my physiotherapist to ensure that our workouts fit seamlessly into my overall rehab. Cory's motivational skills and attention to detail have made my recovery much quicker and more effective. Cory knows how to push the boundaries of my workouts without compromising my form.

I am very much looking forward to achieving a full MCL recovery with Cory's help, and then taking on the next challenge – whether that be triathlons, Spartan Races or something else. I know Cory will be able to craft the workouts and work alongside me in order to allow me to accomplish any athletic goal.” ­ Ryan F