If you are unable to train with us in person, we are able to offer the next best thing,  Distance Program Training (DPT).


The How of DPT:

First we have an extensive initial assessment. Our desire is to learn as much about who you are, what you do, where you want to be, what equipment you have, what you are willing to do, and what you are willing to give. We then create programs around your goals, lifestyles, abilities and capabilities. Some of our clients are able to use and follow our online programs that we create, and many others require more of a customized programming and personalized coaching approach to help them reach their goals. The one thing that both programs have in common is accountability.


The Why of DPT:

­Clients can be anywhere: Online training allows you to train with us anywhere,locally, nationally or internationally. Our clients do not have to go into a gym: Gym are sometimes crowded, intimidating and uncomfortable environments for some. The gym might not be conveniently located or have child care if parents have babies or children. Schedules don’t match or line up: There is many popular spots in the day in which we are unable to work out in person together because we are both busy or unable to. We offer strong accountability and support systems: We work on building a positive and inspiring atmosphere of like­ minded individuals through weekly or bi-­weekly e­mails, texts, phone calls and social media. Cheaper than training full time and in­ person: This option gets you the benefit of the trainer experience at a fraction of the price. We are able to finally help our clients and athletes, friends and family who may have had bad experiences with others gyms or trainers in the past. This way we can help people who have ever had bad experiences even if they are far away.



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