Philosophy and Methods

Our goal is to help others discover their full potentials and capabilities. Our clients are like ­minded and committed individuals. We train in a competitive environment with a controlled approach, which in turn builds and encourages honesty, integrity, reliability, respect, and fun.

Our training methods are both conventional and unconventional, based on traditional and new methods, the latest research, ingenuity and most importantly, creativity. Our training philosophy is derived from Gym Jones as well as the experiences and collections from many different individuals and sources. We focus on the functionality of fitness and strongly advocate movement and performance over appearance. We take the masks off and leave our egos at the door. We believe that training hard, with dedication, discipline, and emotion will result in successful objectives and goals. To us, training isn't a quick fix. It's not a pill in a medicine cabinet. We learn the objective. Assess the athlete. Design the Program. Conduct the Training. Modify it along the way. Reassess & Change what needs Changing. Repeat.

Our training philosophy is more than just coming to the gym, it's about a lifestyle balanced with energy, endurance, strength, nutrition, recovery, and family. As a Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor and an ISSA ­Certified Fitness Professional, Trigger It Personal Training can help you set realistic goals and transform you mind and body. We can help you look and feel your best. And we can help you enjoy yourself along the way.